Missions & Commitments

Danville Congregational Church Behavioral Covenant

God has called us together as a living congregation.  We follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, who commands us to “love your neighbor as yourself.”  We desire to be a vibrantly healthy and compassionate Christian community.  To this end, we covenant together to make every effort to relate to each other in the following ways:

We will be respectful of each other

  • By listening well,
  • By going with any concern directly to the appropriate person,
  • By having a civil demeanor,
  • By having a kind heart, and
  • By honoring each other in appropriate ways.

We will be accepting of each other

  • By tolerating differences,
  • By showing concern for feelings, and
  • By seeking to understand each other’s position.

We will be honest with each other

  • By being open, and
  • By being direct.

We will be considerate of each other

  • By showing humility,
  • By being gentle,
  • By protecting personal information, and
  • By protecting each other’s reputation.

We ask God’s blessing on the keeping of this Covenant, both within our Congregation and in our encounters in the wider world.